Professional Bike Service

We want you to love your bike! That is the bottom line. Whatever you ride, let us make sure it is running smoothly and giving you maximum cycling pleasure.

Campagnolo Certified
PBMA class


It starts with triage. When you bring your bike in, we will go over it with you, and most importantly, listen, to you and your bike. We’ll go over the repair items, as well as the service options and possible equipment upgrades, based on how and where you ride.

Tom Cooper is our head mechanic. He brings years of experience, common sense, practical riding savvy and a nicely developed attention to detail and style to all our repairs, upgrades and overhauls.

Ask us how we can put more fun and enjoyment in your ride.

If you need your bike the next day; tell us. We’ll get you on the road. Provided we don’t have to special order parts, for most bike repairs Sourland Cycles will aim to complete the repair within a day or two.

Adam Markashevsky will ride just about anything, but his favorite is his mountain bike or his single speed. We have to really pressure him to get on his road bike. He got his start at the Trenton Bike Exchange about 10 years ago. After working at Jay’s for a number of years, we are happy to have his unflappable demeanor behind our counter, at the work stand or helping customers.

Pick-up and delivery: Service is the name of the game. Especially when people are busy. Sourland Cycles will pick up and deliver your bike for repair anywhere in our region. $15 each way. Call us and we’ll pick it up and have it ready for your weekend ride. We want you to love your bike. Let us help.

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