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Shop Group Rides

These rides typically take place Spring through Fall and sometimes during Winter, all subject to changes due to weather.  All but the mountain bike rides leave from the Sourland Cycles shop and ride the hills of the Sourlands.  

A HELMET is REQUIRED on all rides; LIGHTS REQUIRED on all road rides.  If you have not ridden your bike in several months, please bring it into the shop for a tune-up.

WOMEN'S Road Rides:
Novice-intermediate road bike rides of 24 +/- miles at approx 13 mph with minimum 1000’ climbing, climbing increases throughout the season.  No one left behind.

Wednesday Evenings, start times bt 5-6p (Ride leader: Carolyn)

Friday Mornings, 10A; will start earlier in heat, later in cold (Ride leader: Joanne)


Women's Mountain Bike Rides:

Beginner-intermediate No Drop mountain bike rides; as long as you feel comfortable on trails you are welcome; great way to transition from tow/canal path to trails through the woods! Anticipated ride time: 1-1.5 hrs/ride.  All ride starts will be within an hour of the shop.

3rd Thursday of the month through the summer with some potential weekend rides (Ride leaders: Paige and Meredith)


Co-ed Road Rides:

Weekday road rides are novice-Intermediate level. Start season with 20 miles w/1100' climbing; progresses towards 30 miles w/2500' of climbing. This supports all of us who are training for the Anchor House Ride for Runaways July 13-20, 2024. No drop. 

Mondays 4:00PM (Ride leader:  Rich)

Thursdays 10:00 AM (Ride leader:  Rich)

Saturday road rides start as beginner rides; 15 miles w/1000' elevation (basically flat). Increases and add-ons will be determined & communicated by leader. No drop.

Saturdays 9:00 AM (Ride leader:  Rich)

DROP Rides

Co-ed Road Ride:

Road bike rides of 30-35 miles at an average pace of 15-17 mph with 2000’ of climbing previously known as the Hopewell Hillbillies ride.  Drop ride.

Sundays 8:00 AM (Ride leader: Alex)

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