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Bike Service & Repair

Professional Bike Service

We want you to love your bike. And good service starts with triage. When you bring your bike in, we will go over it with you, and most importantly, listen to you and your bike. We’ll go over the repair items, as well as the service options and possible equipment upgrades, based on how and where you ride. You will get a text message when your bike is ready for pick-up.

You can now book your service appointment online!

Tune-Up Package Options

For the most comprehensive service and the best value, we recommend choosing one of our complete tune-up packages. We also offer a la carte bike repairs if you're in need of a minor fix or adjustment. We strive to complete your bike service quickly and accurately. Learn more about our packages and visit us today for your free estimate.

Level 1 Tune-Up


Level 1 includes:

Lubricate Cables, Chain, Pivot Points

Adjust Bottom Bracket, Headset, Hubs

Inspect Frame and Fork; Wipe Down

Inspect Brake Pads and Adjust Brakes

Adjust Front and Rear Derailleurs

Adjust Gears, Limit Screws

Set Barrel Adjusters to zero

True Wheels, Lubricate Spoke Nipples

and much more

Level 2 Tune-Up

$180 - $200

Level 1 Tune-Up plus:

Removal, Inspection, Cleaning,

Lubrication of Drivetrain

Remove/Install Cassette/Clean
Remove/Install Chainrings/Clean
Remove Chain/Clean/Lubricate

Remove/install Front-Rear Derailleurs/ Clean/ Lubricate

Remove/Install Cranks to Manufacturers’ Spec.

Remove/Install Chainrings, Lubricate Chainring Bolts; Tighten to Manufacturers’ spec.

Install Derailleurs, Lubricate Fixing Bolts, Tighten to Manufacturers’ Spec.

and much more

Level 3 (Pro Build)


All Service Levels plus:

Remove Bottom Bracket

Remove Headset

Thoroughly Clean Frame

Install New Bottom Bracket/ Bearings

Install New Headset/ Bearings

Assemble According to Standards

Pick-up and Delivery

Be ready for the weekend! You can now schedule service appointments and Sourland Cycles will pick up and deliver your bike for repair anywhere in our region for $30 each way. Call us with the details.

Schedule Service

We have started an appointment option for bike repairs. We will take in a limited number of bikes per day on an appointment basis. This is a reserved time for us to work on your bike. It does not mean your bike will be finished in that time period. Please drop off your bike at or before your appointment time. Our goal is to have your bike ready within 24 hours of your appointment time.

Please call 609-333-8553 or schedule online.


Bikes must be dropped off 24 hours before requested service appointment date.
Appointment is not completed until confirmed by Sourland Cycles via text or email.

Find the right time to schedule your bike drop-off for service.

Home Bike Repair

We recommend having a few products at home to help you keep your bike in excellent working condition between your annual tune-ups. We have an excellent selection of essential tools, lubricants and cleaning products, and quality work stands. Shop online and pickup your items for free on your next shop visit.