A Different Kind Of Bike Shop

If you aren’t going to be different, what’s the point?
Iggy Pop

Since we first conceived of Sourland Cycles, the goal, every step of the way, has been to be a different kind of bike shop.

  1. Design: Sourland Cycles was designed from the ground up to be a bike shop that celebrates our Broad Street location. Preserving the historic Broad Street look while at the same time creating a modern, clean and exciting retail space to showcase bikes, promote cycling in all forms, as well as the work of local artists and craftsmen.
  2. Our Brands: We have tried to be different, right down to our brands of clothing, gear and of course, our bikes Also Van Dessel, Cinelli, and Argon 18.
  • GIANT: obviously, see #3
  • ​Specialized: is one of the premier bicycle makers in the world and they also make high quality clothing, helmets and shoes, all their own design
  • ​Electric Bikes: Sourland Cycles has made a significant commitment to selling and servicing the most reliable, high quality e-bikes.
  1. Sourland Cycles is a GIANT partner store, the only one in the region. Giant is the largest maker of quality handmade bikes on the planet and clearly offers the greatest bang for your cycling dollar. If you see a GIANT bike and we don’t stock it, we can usually get it for you in one day. That is the strength of GIANT. Their awards and reviews can fill pages.
  2. Value: Sourland Cycles carries quality bikes for kids starting at $185, and for adults starting at $350. You don’t need to chase the lowest price at the mall or online and get no service, dubious advice and a one-season bike. Giant’s Gateway program is their commitment, and ours, to promoting cycling and encouraging family participation in this wonderful activity. That, too, is the strength of GIANT.
  3. Commitment to Women:  Sourland Cycles is the only bike shop in central NJ that has made a significant commitment to women cyclists. Our women’s section is not “the smalls at the end of the rack.” From Day One, fostering women’s cycling has been one of our goals. We carry the LIV brand from Giant, the only major bike manufacturer that has developed a complete line of bikes, from the ground up, specifically for women. 
  4. Fit: We want you to love your bike. Our bike fitter, Tom Mason has been a rider for decades and a fitter for many years. He has multiple certifications as a professional bike fitter. Schedule an appointment to see what he can do to help you get more from your bicycle, be it comfort, performance, or recovery and rehabilitation.
  5. Location: We are in the heart of Hopewell, a town that supports cycling and the gateway to the best riding around. We all live nearby and are committed to preserving the beauty of our region. That’s why we called ourselves, Sourland Cycles.
  6. Engaging the Community: We will offer more than just group rides. We have a network of all sorts of riders to help: commuters, mountain bikes, racers, family friendly, fitness, recovery, bike-to-school, trail advocates, ride across America. We will have classes on how to ride, where to ride, maintenance, advice, yoga, getting started, getting better, getting comfortable, getting outside. Just ask us; we’ll find the answer, probably from one of our neighbors.
  7. Experience: Every one of our mature, friendly staff has been cycling for decades. Three staff members have been competitive cyclists. We are fully qualified to help cyclists of every level get the pleasure and performance they want from cycling.
  8. Test Rides: Don’t go to a parking lot or busy highway to test your new bike. Sourland Cycles has, by far, the best places in the area to test rides bikes, right out our front door. The Sourland Mountain is just a few blocks from the shop and nearby are some of the best road and mountain biking trails in New Jersey.
  9. Service: We want you to love your bike, again. Bring your bike in and we’ll review it with you and listen; listen to what you are experiencing and what the bike is telling us. This way, there are no surprises when you pick up your bike. Our head mechanic, Tom Cooper, is pro race-certified, yet practical tool guy. Sourland Cycles services all models and guarantees every bike we repair. We will not accept payment if you are not satisfied with a repair, tune-up or adjustment.
  10. The Extra Mile: Sourland Cycles offers bike pickup and delivery service from your home or workplace for repair bikes.
  11. Bike Wash: A clean bike is a happy bike. We have a bike wash stand in the back. Come in and get the hose, the brushes, the products and the lube to keep everyone smiling. See, we meant it when we said this place was different.
  12. Bike Locker: Work in town? Want to commute? Join the club. We have a place to change clothes, store your bike, get cleaned up before you go to work. Ask about our commuter club. Fine Print: some charges may apply.
  13. Give Back/Recycle: Donate your unused bikes. Sourland Cycles will collect your donated bike and deliver it to the Trenton Boy’s and Girl’s Club Bike Exchange. In 10 years, the Bike Exchange has sold more than 15,000 moderately priced bikes to needy families and generated over $1 million to the after-school programs of the Trenton Boys and Girls Club. Russ White is the founder of the Trenton Bike Exchange. Mike was one of the original volunteers… queue the violins.
  14. We are not done. Sourland Cycles will continue to find ways to be different, surprise you, serve our community and get more people on bikes. It makes for a friendlier world. Join us.