Event Calendar

Saturday, September 14  – The Rapha Women’s 100 (km) continues after a strong start last year.  Meet at 7:30, and rool out at 8 am. Post Ride refreshments to be served.

November 9  – Food Drive and some mixed gravel terrain secteurs – stay tuned for details


Standing Orders 


For September/October , note earlier start time.

Facebook: Sourland Cycles Women’s Ride Group — https://www.facebook.com/gro

And we are hoping to get the group together 1 weekend a month. Please do not hesitate to use the list to see if anyone else wants to ride, no matter the time or day. Peer pressure works.


 Hopewell Hillbillys Ride Saturday Morning 9 am

 2-hour +/- different route every week.  Unless there is a Rapha Ride that Saturday, in which case departure at 8.

Weather permitting. Or suggest a more suitable, comfortable time . Use the list and find some ride partners.

Thursdays  – Princeton FreeWheelers Ride 5:30 pm

Ride with Cristina (or one of her colleagues) through the hills of the Sourlands.  B ride. Leaves Sourland Cycles  5:30 pm. Earlier start time for September/October



Cycling in France, for all levels, families too! A presentation by Gary Kraut. Wednesday, Feb 13, 7:30 

Biking in France for all types of riders – A lecture by Paris-based travel writer, ride leader and Mercer County native Gary Kraut

France is one of the world’s top cycling destinations thanks to the many ways in which biking at all levels can be combined with visits to castles, vineyards, markets, and historical sights and monuments. The stunning natural landscapes, bike-friendly roads and culture, and fine meals at the end of the day make every ride memorable.

In this illustrated lecture, Gary will explain how to match your cycling level and travel rhythm with your desire to explore the pleasures and treasures of France, whether on a one-day bike excursion or several days of freewheeling or on a longer destination-based cycling adventure.

Gary will cover routes of interest to easy-going leisure bikers, to family with teens, and to experienced road cyclists seeking challenging rides, and take us to the regions around Paris, the Loire Valley, Normandy, Burgundy, and Provence.

After the lecture join us for light refreshments when you’ll have the opportunity to speak with Gary directly about your own travel plans and explore potential for a Sourland Cycles-sponsored biking trip in France later this year or in 2020!

About Gary Kraut: Gary Kraut has been inspiring and informing travelers to France for three decades. Originally from Mercer County, where he returns frequently to visit family, he is an award-winning Paris-based travel writer and the editor of the web magazine France Revisited, www.francerevisited.com, as well as a regular cyclist. His unparalleled experience and knowledge as a France travel and tour specialist has also made him the go-to guy for individuals and travel professionals seeking highly personalized tours, advice and tailor-made events in Paris and throughout France (www.garysparistours.com).