Kids’ Bikes

In our store and in our community, Sourland Cycles believes in encouraging families to get outside and ride. With quality, affordable bikes for ages 3-15, Bikes that will last for younger brothers and sisters.  Glider bikes are $140; and prices for12-inch and 16 inch bikes start at $250, 20-24-inch bikes starting at $330, and even 26-inch, extra, extra small. Sourland Cycles has a big selection of bikes for the kids and many more colors from Giant and Specialized are available.

If you are considering buying a bike online from Giant, or anyone else, we’re glad to help. Have it shipped to us so we can assemble it safely, and professionally. To see the care we take, click here.


$140 With a lightweight aluminum frame that’s designed with a low standover height, Pre inspires young riders to learn balance and to get rolling. Made with 12-inch wheels and a quick-adjust saddle, it’s the perfect way to begin their cycling adventures.

Animator 12/16

12 inch $260
16 inch $275

Available with 12 or 16-inch wheels and removable training wheels, this is an express ticket to fun and freedom. The graphics get him going, the lightweight aluminum frame will keep things rolling.

Motr 20

$260 It’s easy to see where this little machine gets its inspiration. This action-packed mini-shredder is a direct descendant of big boy motorcycles. The distinctive frame design features lightweight ALUXX aluminum tubing, so young riders can really get it going. Easy to use coaster and rear hand brake and smaller 20-inch wheels offer easy control.

XTC Jr 20/24

24 inch $365
20 inch $350/ 20-inch coaster brake $310


Built with a lightweight aluminum frame, lots of stand-over clearance, and easy-to-use gears, this is the rigid version (no front suspension) of the XTC Jr. family. Available with 20- or 24-inch wheels and smooth-rolling tires that can handle the trail, it’s a fun and stable way to get started on the trail.

Escape Jr

$340 Built with a lightweight aluminum frame featuring 24-inch wheels for smaller riders, this all-rounder is modeled after the popular adult version of the Escape. It has a flat handlebar for a stable, upright riding position, plus powerful brakes and comfortable gearing to make the big hills seem a little smaller.

Espoir  TCR or TCX

$550 on sale With drop bars, 24-inch wheels, and ergonomic components designed around smaller bodies, the TCR and TCX Espoir is the perfect first road bike for young riders.

The TCX Espoir, at $700 comes in 24″ and 26″ wheel sizes and is the perfect bike for kids who what to do both road and trail. This is a road bike frame that can handle the bigger, slightly knobbier tires like a cyclocross bike, Jump from the park trail to the LHT and the DR Canal and the road with ease. The lighweight ALUXX aluminum frame is designed with a low stand-over height that’s ideal for young riders up to 5 feet tall. The short-reach handlebars are made to fit smaller hands, and a specially designed saddle offers comfortable road riding.

LIV Bikes

Adore 12/16

12 inch $265
16 inch $275

Small on size, big on fun. Removable training wheels, a lightweight aluminum frame, 12- or 16-inch wheels and fun new colors make this the perfect learning bike.

Enchant 20/24

20 inch $350
24 inch $365

Designed to be light, agile and easy to maneuver off-road, this is the fully rigid version (no front suspension) of the Enchant family. Featuring a lightweight aluminum frame, fast-rolling 20- or 24-inch wheels, and trail-ready tires, it’s a fun, stable bike to help her build confidence and skills.



With smooth-rolling 24-inch wheels, a lightweight aluminum frame and comfortable positioning, Adore delivers a style she can call her own. It features a low standover height and 7-speed design so she can cruise over hills and tackle longer rides. The coaster brake and integrated chainguard keeps things simple, clean and safe.

Specialized Bikes

RipRock 12, 16, 20, 24 (coaster brake available in sizes 12, 16, 20)

12” starting at $250
16” starting at $250
20” starting at $275 7sp $465
24” 7-sp starting at $525

As a kid, your first bike opened up an entirely new world of speed, exploration, and freedom. Not one to disappoint, the RipRock does all of the above in a sleek, expertly designed package. Featuring durable, A1 Premium Aluminum frames that are designed to be strong, light, and corrosion resistant, the RipRock will be able to withstand whatever comes its way. Kids will feel confident to explore more than they ever have before, and because of the legendary build quality that we’re known for, you can relax while they do.

Allez Junior

$ 750.00

“The Allez Junior is specifically designed for younger riders looking to up their game. With its 650C-specific frame and reliable components, this Allez gives young riders all the performance they need to tackle the roads ahead.”

Color: Gloss Rocket Red/Tarmac Black
Size: 44


Giant BMX Bikes


GFR F/W Matte Black/Green


Giant GFR F/W

starting at $285


With its sturdy, lightweight aluminum frame and tough components, GFR is designed to help young BMX riders as they progress. From those first bursts of speed to more advanced skills and tricks, it’s with them all the way."


  • Strong high-tensile steel frame
  • High-tensile steel fork legs with chromoly steerer
  • Durable 6.55-inch steel handlebar
  • Simple single-speed drivetrain with a rear hand brake
  • Tough 20-inch alloy rims, alloy hubs


GFR C/B Yellow


Giant GFR C/B



  • Strong high-tensile steel frame
  • High-tensile steel fork legs with chromoly steerer
  • Durable 6.55-inch steel handlebar
  • Simple single-speed drivetrain with hand and coaster brake
  • 20-inch alloy rim, coaster brake hub