Saddle Library

Things change… bodies too. The saddle that was once fine, is now causing “issues.”

But how do you pick the right one? Looking online, reading reviews, or even browsing in a store does nothing for your soft tissue. It’s impossible to pick the right saddle without riding, and 5 minutes isn’t enough. You need a longer ride, a whole weekend perhaps.

Sourland Cycles has an answer: a saddle library. Talk to the staff, read the recommendations, get measured (or use the heat map)  and then jump on the RIghtRide with the QuickFit Saddle changer and sample a half-dozen saddles in a few minutes. Pick a contender and take it home for your next ride.  Or bring your bike in and we’ll install. 

Part of the saddle library is the seat selection process based on your body and your riding position. Giant has a “heat map” saddle that we have set up on a trainer. After riding for a few minutes, this saddle gives a pressure map of where your sitz bones are on the saddle, and if you ride in an upright, neutral or forward position. Fi’zik does something similar with their spine flexibility and hip rotation gauge. We also have the Specialized “ass-o-meter” to measure sitz bone width and the Romin, Toupe and new short-nosed Power saddles for men and women.

We have saddles you can “check out” from Specialized, Giant, Cobb,Terry, Fizik and others to take on a real test. A $100 deposit is all it takes.

Link to Cobb seat selector guide.