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Bike Fitting Services

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Improved position and comfort means efficiency and power. Every cyclist should be comfortable, no matter how or what they ride.

Tom Mason is our bike fitter extraordinaire. He is a Level 2 certified BikeFit specialist, with hundreds of fits and happy customers to his credit. Tom is a life-long cyclist with a wide variety of riding experience; he has overcome some injuries as well. Combined with his patience, customer rapport and attention to detail, all this makes him an exceptional bike fitter.

If you are looking for greater comfort on longer rides, more speed, or better aerodynamics on your tri bike, or if you need some fine tuning to address injury, Tom can help.

The Sourland Cycles approach to bike fitting is a holistic one, not a rigid system of parameters and computer programs. While we use elements of other programs as well as common sense and years of riding experience, BikeFit is the foundation of our program. BikeFit was started in 1995 by Paul Swift who is recognized one of the leaders in developing the bike fitting technologies. BikeFit was recognized by Bicycling Magazine as one of the most innovative fit programs in cycling.

The BikeFit method starts with specific measurements, both on and off the bike.The angle of the forefoot is the cornerstone of a BikeFit session. Everything else, such as knee, hip alignment and lower back stress, flows from foot angle and position. After dialing that in, we address the following areas:

We also incorporate the Giant RightRide system which can help determine correct sizing of bikes, allow us to duplicate various settings and sizes so we can best determine what bike geometry and size is best for you. This system also lets us quickly swap saddles, saddle set-backs, stem lengths and handlebar widths to help determine which of these variables is the best fit and to make sure you are comfortable with your bike settings.

Full Bike Fit: $300. This fit usually takes about 3 hours. To find out more about how we might be able to get you more comfortable and powerful, please contact us at the store.

Abbreviated Bike Fit: $200. This program contains the following items aimed at lower body alignment, reducing risk of injury to get you peddling efficiently on your bike. It does not address crank arm length, handlebar width and general upper body position.

Saddle Fit: $100. This session focsuses on saddle and upper body position and does not address foot/pedal interface and knee-tracking.

With our Right Ride sizing bike set up to match your bike geometry you will experience the full line of saddles offered at Sourland Cycles in quick secession.

The Peloton or Indoor Spin Bike Fit: $150. This addresses many of the variable listed above in the Abbreviated BikeFit. It is done in your home and includes a 30-minute (25 mile) one-way driving radius from Sourland Cycles. Additional transportation charges may apply if your location is further away. 

Phone: 609-333-8553

email: [email protected]

Detailed information about the BikeFit bike fitting system can be found at at www.bikefit.com.

When I bought my bike at another shop 8 years ago, I thought that it fit me well. But there was often a little pinch here between my shoulder blades, or a creaky knee, after long rides. So I decided to try a BIKEFIT. The whole process was amazing. There was so much attention to the smallest details. I had been worried that they would try to sell me new components, but other than a new stem, they worked with the bike and its parts! I am riding much more comfortably on my bike these days.

I had been struggling with some foot discomfort that consistently kicked in at middle distances and had tried inserts, new shoes, and new pedals, to no avail. Kerri’s BIKEFIT analysis and adjustments took the pain out of long distance rides, which has been a game changer for me.

Before BikeFit

Notice how the knee moves outwards on the upstroke and has to come back into alignment with the pedal on the downstroke. This common misalignment forces the hip and knee to absorb all corrections in the course of a ride because the foot position is fixed.

After BikeFit

After the fitting, with adjustments to cleat position, foot wedges, and saddle position, the hip and knee are in perfect alignment with pedal.

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