Interactive Trainers


Indoor trainer season is here. Check out these two from Elite, best in class, power meters, hill simulators, wheel-off and wheel-on styles. Both have great reviews.

Elite Trainers

Elite Direto Trainer $850

Great mid-range trainer from Elite with the best reviews and power meter testing in its class. This wheel off, super accurate power meter, 14% max grade, smooth and quiet. You could use it in an apartment. DIRETO Interactive ANT+ FE-C & Bluetooth compliant home trainer that interacts with any kind of app & software, including Elite training app. Click here to go to DC Rainmaker review site.

Elite Rampa Trainer $600

The Rampa is like the Wahoo KICKR SNAP but with a few upgrades like cadence. ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart.  Improved power meters, 10% grade simulation. This wheel-on trainer is very smooth with automatic resistance adjustment.