Women’s Mountain Bikes

Specialized, Giant, LIV and BMC offer a wide variety of mountain bikes with various suspension types, travel distances and other features for different terrain and riding styles. Of course, at a variety of price points. Some women can really benefit from a women-specific design, while for others it is not as crucial. We can set you up for a test ride and discuss your mtb goals.

In 2013 Giant bikes introduced LIV, a totally new line of bikes designed especially for women. Designed from the ground up for women, by women riders, designers and engineers, these are not downsized men’s bikes with different color schemes. They follow the 3F model of Form, Fit and Function taking into account the needs of women mountain bikers. Sourland Cycles has created a special section in the shop for our women’s bikes and we have women cyclists on our staff to assist our female customers.

If you are considering buying a bike online from Giant, or anyone else, we’re glad to help. Have it shipped to us so we can assemble it safely, and professionally. To see the care we take, click here.

LIV/Giant Bikes



Starting at $2500

With the perfect combination of a fast and stable 27.5-inch wheel platform and Liv’s 3F design philosophy, Lust is the ultimate XC all-rounder. The frame, a lightweight, hydroformed ALUXX SL alloy work of art, features plenty of stand-over height for confidence on technical trails. And it has all the right angles to make the most of its smooth and agile 27.5 wheels. Add 100mm of proven Maestro Suspension technology plus a 15mm front thru-axle for front-end stiffness and control, and it’s the perfect choice for XC rides ranging from marathon races to everyday trail rides.


Starting at $600

With an agile aluminum frame featuring geometry that’s designed specifically for women—plus 27.5 wheels that combine speed, efficiency and control—Tempt can take you from tame dirt trails to more challenging singletrack. A plush suspension fork and powerful disc brakes offer added confidence and control. The frame design features plenty of stand-over height, giving you just what you need to go farther and faster.

LIV Enchant


Starting at $370

With an emphasis on comfort, stability and style, Enchant features a women’s specific frame that makes it easy to pedal your way around town and discover new places and experiences. With an ALUXX aluminum frame, it’s lightweight, efficient and relaxed. The women who designed Enchant put a premium on style—so you know you’ll look as good as you feel.

Specialized Bikes


Starting at $1950

To hone your skills on the trail, you need a mountain bike that’s as capable and up to the challenge as you are. Lucky for you, our full-suspension Rumor is more than ready for almost any terrain. It easily tackles trail riding without sacrificing any of the efficiency that you’re used to. When pointed down the trail, you have plenty of travel to inspire confidence, while our Women’s Trail Geometry and Women’s Rx Trail Tune further help you to maneuver over rugged terrain at speed. And when you’re heading uphill, the lightweight alloy frame delivers you to the top quickly and efficiently. You could say that it has just the right amount of cross country speed and trail control, but we just say that it’s fast any way that you choose to ride it.


Starting at $560

Your spirit of adventure knows no bounds, so why should your bike? Our Jynx women’s hardtail mountain bike answers this question without hesitation. It was designed to guide you comfortably and confidently through almost any terrain, whether your ride involves singletrack, fire roads, or your local pavement. To do so, the design started around providing the best possible women’s fit right out of the box, which was made possible by pairing 650b wheels with a low, more accessible standover. And with the perfect fit accomplished, the focus shifted to creating a confidence-inspiring ride quality. First, we included women’s-specific grips, cranks, saddle, and bars to ensure greater comfort. Then we used a fork that’s custom-tuned for women to meet rough trails head-on. Comfort, fit, and confidence—it all adds up to a true women’s mountain bike that’s ready to explore.


Starting at $700

It’s not that you’re always in a hurry, it’s just that the minute your tires touch dirt, you can’t help but grin big and take off. Competitors and trail companions alike will marvel at the ease by which you crush climbs and effortlessly rip by on the lightweight Jett. And to make sure that you roll over everything in your path like a pro on this race-ready and nimble 29er, it features our Women’s Custom tuned suspension and Multi-Circuit Damping fork that’s designed to soak up bumps and put the control firmly in your hands. Ramp up your fitness or put on your race plate: the dirt is calling.

Ruze 650fattie

Starting at $1000

The Ruze hardtail trail bike starts with our new 6Fattie wheel system and ends with our revolutionary Diamond Stay design. And when you mix it all with low, slack geometry, you get a bike that climbs like a hardtail and inspires confidence like the best trail bikes we’ve ever made.

Our Wheel System uplifts the Ruze to have more traction and control than any hardtail before it, while its no-nonsense build is custom spec’d to get the job done, no matter how rugged, technical, or hair raising that job might be.

  • M4 Premium Aluminum proved to be the right material for the job, allowing for a lightweight, durable frame with a low and slack geometry that’s equal parts snappy and efficient on climbs and descents. It also allowed us to incorporate our exclusive Diamond Stay chainstay that accommodates the wheel/tire combination without compromising on our hallmark short chainstays that provide unrivaled handling and climbing prowess.
  • The Manitou Machete fork’s 100/120mm (size-specific) of travel soaks up trail bumps, while its compression and rebound adjust enable you to dial-in the damping to your liking.
  • 650bx3.0″ 6Fattie Purgatory and Ground Control tires feature a perfectly sized contact patch for life-changing levels of traction and control while cornering, all without sacrificing climbing efficiency or descending prowess. And with a GRID casing protecting the sidewalls, these tires will stand up to anything the trail can throw at them.