Women’s Town Hybrid Bikes

The D&R Canal tow path, the Lawrence Hopewell Trail, the trails at Mercer Meadows and Baldpate, the gravel farm roads or just around town; our area has an extraordinary number of places to ride on and off-road. And Sourland Cycles has an especially large selection of hybrid bikes for just this purpose. We have hybrid bikes for the road, trail, commuting, new cyclists, and attractive around town bike. At a wide range of price points starting at $440.

Giant / LIV  is the largest maker of handmade bikes in the world. They have dozens of other bikes that may be of interest to some cyclists. We can normally get these bikes within one day.

If you are considering buying a bike online from Giant, or anyone else, we’re glad to help. Have it shipped to us so we can assemble it safely, and professionally. To see the care we take, click here.


Starting at $470

Street or bike path; work, coffee or around town. With its lightweight and durable ALUXX aluminum frame and upright flat-bar positioning, Alight is comfortable enough for a daily commute, but also agile and sporty for longer rides. Women’s specific geometry and sizing gives Alight a stable, confident ride quality. And thanks to integrated rack mounts, it’s easy to personalize with racks and fenders.


Starting at $560

Rove is a versatile option for dirt or road riding adventures. It’s an ideal choice for entry-level riders looking for a fitness, recreational or commuting bike that can go on-road or off-road. Using Liv’s 3F design philosophy, it’s constructed with a lightweight ALUXX aluminum frame with added stand-over height for stability and confidence. Featuring a plush suspension fork that can be locked out for smooth pavement or flipped open for off-road excursions, it’s both efficient and capable. Disc brakes come on select models, and integrated dropouts allow you to add racks and panniers. Finally, semi-internal cable routing provides a clean look and performance.


Aluminum ,carbon fork, Disc brake $950

This flat-bar versatile hybrid,  is lightweight, comfortable, and built specifically for women riders. Its geometry blends the speed and efficiency of a drop-bar road bike with more confident upright positioning of a Hybrid. .

Sedona W

$480, with front shock $600

Relaxed and confident With a lightweight aluminum frame and smooth-rolling but durable 26-inch mountain-bike-style wheels, Sedona W is ideal for bike paths, dirt paths or just a cruise through the neighborhood. With a wide range of gears and a comfy saddle and grips, you might want to take the long way home.


Flourish 4 $500

Flourish FS 1 $580

Versatile, smart and stylish. With a functional yet elegant design and a lightweight aluminum frame that’s designed specifically for women, the all-new Flourish takes you from the market to the city center with ease. The step-through design makes it quick and easy to hop on and off. Select models offer integrated fenders and a full chainguard to protect you from dirt or road debris in any kind of weather, plus baskets and racks to carry your things. A cushioned spring saddle helps smooth out rough roads, and stylish yet functional grips add the finishing touch.


Suede $500

Daily trips of weekend rides, the all-new Suede is the perfect marriage of style, fun and functionality. Using a stable frame geometry designed specifically for women, it allows a rider to touch the ground while seated at stops and is efficient going uphill. The step-through frame makes it a confident choice for riders of all abilities. Built with lightweight ALUXX aluminum and integrated rack mounts for racks and other accessories, it’s ideal for quick trips to the coffee shop, bike path adventures and short commutes. Suede comes in a number of playful graphics patterns, and some models feature a colorful basket, racks, fenders and other accessories.

Momentum Bikes

Momentum Street


Momentum is a fresh new brand of lifestyle bikes that combine function and fun. Guided by the words of our brand spirit, “Move Happy,” Momentum creates elegantly designed bicycles that are stylish, comfortable and easy to ride.

Specialized Bikes


Aluminum starting at $600
Carbon starting at $1500

With its premium aluminum frame and reliable component package, the Vita Elite Disc is ready to help you reach the next level in your fitness journey. Its Women’s Fitness Geometry, coupled with Zertz in the fork and powerful disc brakes, delivers a superb feeling of control and comfort as you work up a sweat.

  • Discover what great ride quality feels like with the lightweight, Specialized E5 Premium Aluminum frame, featuring rack and fender mounts and engineered with Women’s Fitness Geometry. The geometry is designed to ensure you ride more efficiently and comfortably, mile-after-mile as you chase down your fitness goals.
  • The agile and responsive Specialized FACT carbon fork features Zertz inserts to absorb road roughness and give you a smoother ride.
  • Brake with controlled confidence, thanks to Tektro Auriga, hydraulic disc brakes.

THE SPECIALIZED ROLL, starting at $650

A relaxed comfortable ride, especially for the D&R Canal or the Lawrence Hopewell Trail.  Wide, traction-packed tires. A comfortable, upright geometry that keeps a smile on your face, even when the times get tough. A frame that makes putting a foot down and getting on and off the bike a breeze..

  • Our Roll Bar handlebars feature plenty of rise and backsweep to keep your hands and body in the perfect position on the bike. This increases comfort dramatically, and hey, they look pretty darn cool, too.
  • Wide diameter, 650bx2.3″ Nimbus Sport tires provide excellent traction, stability, and cushioning, which creates a safer, more reliable, and more comfortable ride on either paved or dirt roads.
  • Equipped with our Body Geometry The Cup saddle, you can expect a supreme level of comfort anywhere you take the Roll. It delivers on these expectations by “cupping” your sit bones, which reduces pressure without feeling obtrusive or constraining.