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Our Staff

About Us | Our Staff 

Mike Gray

Mike Gray –  Sales

Mike is from a family of lifelong cyclists. Born and raised in St. Paul, he has biked everywhere he has lived; Washington, D.C., Annapolis, Maryland, London (he barely survived), Montreal and for the last 25 years, central New Jersey. Professionally, Mike’s background is in journalism and communications. He has been a newspaper and radio reporter, a European correspondent for the American Medical News, a freelance writer and a partner in a health care communications agency. Before partnering with Russ, Mike was the project manager for the Lawrence Hopewell Trail, and worked with various local agencies like the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Council, the NJ Bike-Ped Task Force and the Philadelphia Circuit Coalition to promote cycling in all forms in our area. He is also a board member now of the Lawrence-Hopewell Trail.  He received his bicycle mechanic certification from Barnett Institute in Colorado Springs in 2014.

What I ride:

Road - Giant TCR Advanced SL, Giant Propel SL, Momentum UX, Van Dessel WTF (single speed) . Various deserving members of the family have Specialized Sirrus, Momentum UX (belt drive 3-speed) Momentum Street.

Tom Cooper

Tom Cooper – Service

Like so many of us, Tom rediscovered his love for bikes about 15 years ago while looking for a better workout. “Wow, that trail really kicked my a**,” and he never looked back. Mountain biking then led to road bikes a few years later. And he can tell you the rest. After retiring from the Coast Guard, Tom decided to give the bike industry a try. He started working for various bicycle shops as a sales person, then picking up the craft of a mechanic. He is a USAC licensed race mechanic; working for SRAM Neutral Race Support at local amateur and professional level road and cyclocross races. He is going to make sure you love your bike. For information on our bike service click here.

Joanne Gusweiler – Service, Sales, Ride Leader

We are so happy to have Joanne on our team. Loads of experience, not just riding, but running businesses and managing people.  This dog-lover was born in Ohio; she’s been a pastry chef in France, a bakery owner in New Jersey. And has an additional degree in construction management. She’s an aspiring woodworker and furniture maker. She graduated from Barnett’s bicycle mechanic program in 2020. And it turns out she’s a natural born mountain biker!

What I ride:

Road - Giant TCR Advanced Pro 0

Trail - Liv Pique 29 3

Adam Markashevsky – Service

Adam will ride just about anything, but his favorite is his mountain bike or his single speed. He got his start at the Trenton Bike Exchange about 15 years ago. After working at Jay’s for a number of years, we are happy to have his unflappable demeanor behind our counter, at the work stand or helping customers on weekends. He has also returned to school to get his mechanical engineering degree at Rowan University.

Sam Spies – Sales, Manager

Sam never enjoyed riding bikes as a child, only discovering the joy of cycling in his mid-30s. He started volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club Bike Exchange, and soon found his way to Sourland Cycles in pursuit of a better bike fit. An anthropologist by training, he studied online disinformation, mass media, and political polarization before leaving academia for saner pastures. He mostly rides gravel, but mixes in some road riding and mountain biking. He believes in making cycling as inclusive as possible, and thinks that e-bikes will play a big role in addressing climate change, urban mobility, and public health.

What I ride:

Trail - Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 27.5

XC - Giant XTC Advanced 29 1

Road - Specialized Roubaix Comp

Katie Rex – Sales

Katie Rex is a genus of tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaur. The species Katie Rex, often called K. rex or colloquially K-Rex, is one of the best represented of these large theropods. 

What I ride: 

Tri - Argon 18 E117 Tri Disc

Alex Robuck – Sales

Alex first started mountain biking at 6 years old and has been riding anything she can ever since! She has spent many summers as a camp counselor teaching children of all ages to ride bikes. When not riding or working at Sourland Cycles, she is an Environmental Science student at Rutgers. 

What I ride:

Road - Liv Langma Advanced 1+ AR

Trail - Liv Tempt 2

Emmet Gibson - Sales

“I started mountain biking when I was younger just as a way of getting around but eventually I ended up racing XC, cyclocross and track. My favorite riding is still at Six Mile Run, Allaire and T-Town. I’ve been coming to Sourland Cycles as a customer since 2015 and eventually ended up as part of the staff!”

What I ride:

Trail - Marin Rift Zone 29 XR

XC - Specialized Chisel Comp X1

Tom Mason – Sales, Bike Fitter Extraordinaire

Tom is a life-long cyclist with a wide variety of riding experience as well as some riding injuries he has overcome. Combined with his patience, customer rapport and  attention-to-detail,  all this makes him an exceptional bike fitter. Tom has hundreds of fits to his credit and recently completed the Level 2 BikeFit certification.

If you are looking for greater comfort on longer rides, more speed or power on your TT or triathlon bike, or you need some fine tuning to address flexibility or injury, Tom can help.  Click here to find out more about our bike fit process or send us a note to contact Tom and schedule a fit.


Carolyn Callan – Ride Leader

Carolyn comes to Sourland Cycles as a long time customer and even longer time bike rider. She participated in her first (and only) sprint triathlon when she resided in Los Angeles. Riding is a family affair as her husband and children ride as well. The family has enjoyed riding together in Montgomery parks, the Sourland mountains as well as in France and Ireland. With a background in consumer insights she loves the community feel of the shop and all the friendly folks who come by and share their passion for riding!

Rich Armington – Ride Leader

Rich has been hanging around bike shops for ages so we finally found a suitable task for him. Turns out he is really good at this and very patient with the beginners or riders looking to get back into it. He's a polymath who has been a computer programmer and a docent at the Grounds for Sculpture!!!

Anne Biber – Ride Leader (Emerita)

Anne has been helping us out since before we even opened. We are so grateful to have her around. When she’s not riding she’s a high school guidance counselor with the patience of a saint.

Bobbi Binder – Ride Leader (Emerita)

I love cycling so much that when I cannot fall asleep at night, I shut my eyes and in my mind “ride” the different routes, concentrating so much on each turn that I eventually fall asleep.
I am 57 years old and have been riding a bicycle since I was a little girl (a bright pink Schwinn, I have a picture of me with it).
My favorite kind of riding is the type that makes me feel good! I love distance riding and climbing the best, speed is not as important as how far and how high.
I love the social aspect of cycling and meeting people of all ages who love to ride as much as I do.
My wish is to ride and knit at the same time.

Maria Masi – Sales, Ride Leader (on hiatus, we hope)

Maria is a very experienced road cyclist and bike shop veteran, having worked in stores in the U.S. We are fortunate she has time for us between her bike, kids, job and family, though not necessarily in that order. Maria fell in love with cycling while watching the Tour De France during summers in Italy as a child. She has always ridden a bike with her last name — a Masi. Maria has ridden her Masi in biking groups through-out the country; in Florida, Kansas, Illinois, Texas and now New Jersey. When she is not on her bike, she both teaches and practices Family Therapy. At present she is shuttling between Hopewell and Chicago.

About Us | Our Staff